The Internet changed everything. 
And the Internet has changed.
We help you build and maintain your own websites and/or intranets at low-to-no cost. Fully secure and multi-device functional. We'll show you how to build and deploy websites and online tools that will change the way you do business. (Click the pics below for more)    

GoChrome Safety
    Leverage Google Applications and Chrome tools for a powerful low-cost safety management solution.

Multi-Device Safety
    Leverage technology to manage and document your safety program.

DIY Safety Intranets
    Choose from a variety of secure applications to build your company intranet to manage safety training, safety program development and data collection.

Kaizen Forms
Build and deploy online & offline capable forms that support individual and organizational change management. 
Safety Step-by-Step
Safety program workbooks embedded with performance support.
  Young Dog Sales
A customized training and support platform that focuses only on new sales personnel and gets them up to speed quickly.